Postal Recording is a fully functional death star of a recording studio located near downtown Indianapolis, IN. Postal is an analogue & digital studio. While we offer complete services in the digital arena, we prefer to have artists try out our tape machine world. Nothing is comparable to the work flow of recording on 2” tape. Generally, we find that musicians simply perform better on tape. Tape continues to be a focused medium in this ever changing ADD world. The creative flow is smoother than Lemmy’s licks after his morning 8 ball.

Tracking – The studio is a 3000 square ft recording facility with a ceiling height of 15 ft.  With mic & video lines accessible from any space in the building, our sonic & visual options are as deep as Daniel Plainview’s oil well. Postal is 1 large isolation room, 1 mid-sized iso room, 2 smaller iso booths, & a large control room. Even the artist lounge occasionally has a guitar cabinet living in the quarters. Don’t worry, the 4×12 Celestions won’t be taking your next turn at Super Mario 3. & as in keeping with the old Motown tradition, our restroom also doubles as an angelic echo chamber. & yes, the echo chamber also rocks for Satan if you ask it nicely.

Mixing – Postal offers both fully analogue & “in the box” mixing. We have mixed albums directly from the recording console to ¼” mono & stereo tape decks. We also mix albums within the digital wonderland of Pro Tools. We cater to each project as the artist requests.

Mastering – Again, we have both fully analogue & digital mastering. We master audio for Vinyl, CD, MP3, Itunes, cassette, ect…

Tape Transfers – Did you find grandma’s old vinyl 78 recording of grandpa’s WWII correspondence message? Did you dig up an 8 track ¼” reel to reel recording of your bitchin’ college band? We can help you hear these recordings! We can transfer virtually any recording to a playable format for you.

Production – The studio houses hundreds of musical instruments. We also have a handful of trusted session musicians who love to record on other people’s albums at a set price. Postal can help guide your song to a undetermined or specified planet.

Songwriting – We write our own songs, as well as songs for films & commercials. We are also cool to be a fresh ear on a song you’ve been working on for way too long.

Accommodations – Postal is home to a loft with 6 beds available to traveling musicians.

Food & Beverage –
Asian Snack (Chinese)
Jamaican Style Jerk (duh)
One World Market (Japanese)
Hanah Market (Ethiopian/Eritrean)
Thai Town (yep)
El Ranchito (you’re getting good at this game)
John’s Famous Stew (famous)
Sandra Rice & Noodle (Vietnamese)
Mann’s Grille (greasy spoon)
Libertine (stellar fancy pants grub & cocktails)
Fountain Square Brewing (5 dollar growler fill-ups on Sunday’s!)
Sun King Brewing (5 dollar growler fill-ups on Fridays!)
Daredevil Brewery
New Day Meadery &  Cider

Nearby Venues –
State Street Pub
The Hi-Fi
The White Rabbit
Radio Radio
Joyful Noise